Boob Lift Tape,
Go Braless

Instant breast lift tape to push up, hold & support breasts

Boob Tape


Want to rock a revealing neckline, but aren’t comfortable going braless? Boob tape offers hidden lift and cleavage in a way that looks totally natural!

  • Sweat proof
  • 100% Cotton Breathable Material
  • Instant lift that lasts for hours
  • Easy, pain-free removal
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
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How To Tape Your Boobs With Boob Tape

Wondering how to use bra tape? heres the basic three step process that works with whatever shape your going for!

Cleanse Your Skin

Having any kind of oil, lotion, perfume or sunscreen on your skin interferes with boob tape’s stickiness, and could even cause it to peel away.

Apply Nipple Pasties

Do not forget to apply the nipple covers to your nipples to make removing the tape much easier. 

Lift Your Desired Shape

Continue holding your breast up, in whatever position you want it to stay in. Pull the other end of the tape up and stick it to the desired mold.

Why Use Our Boob Tape

If you’ve read this far, you’ve seen that there are clear advantages to using tape to hold breast up – but couldn’t you get the same results from a convertible bra, which is reusable? The answer is actually “not always”. Convertible bras work great with some outfits. However, they’re just not compatible with plunge necklines, where the center of the bra would be visible. Not tit tape though! And that’s the beauty of boob lift tape – you can position it exactly where you want it. You can follow the outline of your garment exactly, for totally invisible bra tape. Basically, any time a bra would end up visible, you can grab your reel of trusty titty tape to create lift while more-or-less only covering the breast itself. And unlike those stick-on, silicone bras that are strapless and backless, there’s no risk of the tape falling off after a few hours (assuming you applied it to clean skin). This stuff really sticks!

Different Ways To Tape
Tape For Amazing Cleavage

Really want to boost your assets? While the standard method for taping your boobs simply lifts them up, you can also cross the tape diagonally to pull them together. Note that this only works with some V-necks – in a deep plunge, the tape would be seen. Starting at the side of the rib-cage below one breast, apply the tape diagonally up and across to the top of the other breast.

Apply A bra lift for DD+ breasts

Think boob tape would never work for you because your breasts are large and heavy? Not true! Boob tape works for anyone, however if you are someone who needs heavy-duty support then you’ll need to apply more strips of tape to get the same lift.

Taping For Wider Plunge Necklines

Is your V-neck especially wide? The solution is simple. Apply the tape only to the outer sides of the breast, leaving the center half past the nipple tape-free. Worried about nip slips? You can also find double-sided boob tape which sticks to your skin on one side and your clothing on the other, holding that neckline firmly in place even if you lean forwards.

Taping Boobs Up For Looks With Visible “Underboob”

Also popularized by Kim K is the ‘underboob’ look, a cropped top or cut-out panel that exposes the lower breast. Obviously, a bra would be visible. But boob tape can work wonders here to create an invisible, lift-up tape bra that eliminates any signs of sagging. Simply start the tape from higher up, around nipple level.

Taping for a halter neckline

Start by applying tape horizontally as you would for a strapless dress. Then, for added lift, pull your boobs higher with strips going diagonally from the outer side of the breast base in towards the neck, creating an invisible tape bra that follows the triangular shape of your neckline.

Taping breasts up for one-shoulder garments

Asymmetric neckline? Apply tape to the side with the shoulder strap as usual, but on the strapless side you’ll need to apply it diagonally.

Taping breasts up for a strapless dress

Apply the breast tape horizontally across, making sure it reaches all the way around to the side of your rib-cage for maximum support. Be sure to lift your breasts up and/or together while applying, so that your ‘duct tape bra’ creates fab cleavage rather than simply squishing them flat.

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Is Using Boob Tape Comfortable?

Okay, but if it sticks that well, is it painful to peel back off? Nope, not our proper adhesive breast tape, but if you try a breast lift tape DIY with duct tape or gaffer tape, then yes, that could hurt! So buy breast lift tape made specifically for this purpose. It is a good idea to use nipple covers alongside taped breasts, since your nipples can be more sensitive than the rest of your breast, and the tape will come off more easily after a soak in a hot bath, or being rubbed with baby oil or olive oil. It’s normal for your skin to be a little red immediately after you take the tape off, but it should never end up looking raw or inflamed. In rare instances, it’s possible to experience an allergic reaction to the adhesive, even with the best body tape, so do a patch test beforehand. Apply a small square of tape to your breast the day before you want to wear it – discontinue use if you notice irritation.

Breast lift tape VS. Going braless

Boob tape can be preferable to a convertible bra. But how about to just flaunting your boobs, no bra and no tape required? Well, tape does have its advantages over that too, and not just the obvious one:

  • Lift/cleavage – your bust will appear naturally perkier
  • Goodbye asymmetry – is one boob larger than the other and hangs a little lower? It’s perfectly normal, but also perfectly easy to correct when taping
  • Invisi-nipples – breast tape can be used to smooth over and hide your nipples. Double-sided tape can also be used to hold clothing in place, so you won’t accidentally reveal more than you intended to
  • Suitable for all cup sizes
  • Stays hidden under any outfit
  • Instant lift that lasts for hours
  • Easy, pain-free removal
  • Go braless without the ‘bounce’
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