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C Cup Breasts & Best Bras For C Size Boobs

How Big Are C Cup Breasts?

Ask different people what a C cup size looks like, and you’re likely to get a variety of opinions. Some people think that a C cup is on the smaller side. After all, it’s sometimes made as the maximum cup size by brands specializing in bras for small busts. Others think that, since it’s only one cup size below a D, it must be relatively big. So who’s right?

The answer is more complex than you may think. First, you need to understand what the size label ‘C cup’ actually means.

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What is a C cup size?

c cup size

A bra size is made up of a number and a letter. The number refers to the size of the ribcage, and the letter to the size of the breasts. Our Bra Size Calculator is used by measuring around the bust and just below it, and working out how many inches of difference are between them. Each inch equals one cup size (1” = A cup, 2” = B cup…). So the definition of a C cup is having a 3” difference between the bust and ribcage measurements. 

You can use this information to better compare different cup sizes:

B cup vs. C cup

C cup breasts are one cup size larger than B cups They add one more inch to your overbust circumference, assuming the ribcage circumference doesn’t change.

C cup vs. D cup

C cup breasts are one cup size smaller than D cup breasts. You’ll have one inch less to your overbust circumference, assuming the ribcage circumference doesn’t change.

A cup to C cup

C cup breasts are two cup sizes larger than A cup breasts. Again, assuming your ribcage measurement is the same, your overbust measurement will have increased two inches to get from an A to a C cup.

What do C cup breasts look like?

Now you know what a C cup technically is, but what does that 3” measurement difference look like in practice? This is where things become less straightforward, because C cup boobs can look quite different on different people.

Let’s take two sets of measurements as examples. Person A has a 30” underbust (ribcage) measurement and 33” overbust. Person B has a 40” underbust and 43” overbust. Person A would be a 30C and person B would be a 40C.

They are both C cups but person B has much larger breasts. Why? Because person B’s ribcage/body is significantly wider, and hence their breasts will be wider too. They may only ‘stick out’ the same amount at their fullest point as person A’s, but there will be more breast tissue overall. 

For this reason, it’s impossible to say what C cup look like in general terms. A C cup is never going to look huge – it’s just not a full-bust size, which begins at a DD. But it can look bigger or smaller depending on the person. 

C cup breast examples:

There’s no better way to illustrate the point above than by comparing pictures of real ‘size C’ boobs on people with different band sizes.

c cup breast example
Images via Bratabase

Here, the person on the left is wearing a 32C, and the person on the right is wearing a 42C. Clearly, their breasts are not the same size – but they are both C cups. And if you look at the side-angle shots, you can see that their busts do ‘project’ (stick out) roughly the same amount.

How much do C cup breasts weigh?

Have you ever seen those cup size weight lists, comparing cup sizes to different foods or animals? According to a few of them, C cup boobs weigh the same as 18 pancakes, as a hedgehog, as a grapefruit, as two cans of tomato soup, or as six bananas.

But really, these are ‘just for fun’ comparisons only slightly based on fact. As we’ve just covered, not all C cups are the same size, so of course their weight will vary too!

If you’re really interested in finding out how much your C cups weigh, there is a guide to calculating the weight via ‘water displacement’ here. It will require dipping your boobs in a tub of water and doing some basic math, but hey, if you’re bored and looking for something to do…

How common are C cups?

Although opinions vary, C cups are, most often, just thought of as being average. Neither especially big nor especially small. But how common a size are they really?

The average cup size actually varies wildly between countries. In the US, the average cup size is a DD (among non-Caucasians) or DDD (among Caucasians), so a C is one to two cup sizes below average. On the other hand, the average cup size in Japan is an A, so a C there would possibly be viewed as being large. 

According to the full study which was conducted in 108 countries, a C is actually only the average cup size in a handful of them – Denmark, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Bulgaria. (Perhaps notably, all of those countries are in Europe). So it seems a C cup is not so ‘average’ after all. 

Can you get C cup breast implants/augmentation?

This is another tricky question to answer, because the answer is both yes and no. Of course, you can have a breast augmentation that increases your size from a AAA-B up to a C cup. But if you’re considering getting implants, you should know that most plastic surgeons will be reluctant to promise you a specific post-op cup size.

That’s because implants don’t come in cup sizes. They’re sized by volume, in ‘CCs’ (cubic centimeters). And the volume you need to add to your breasts to go up one cup size will vary depending on how big they are to begin with. 

To go from a 30B to a 30C will require less added volume than to go from a 40B to a 40C. Since breasts on larger people are wider, any added volume gets spread out more (meaning it has less of an impact of how far out the breasts stick – which, as we’ve already explained, is what determines cup size). 

As one plastic surgery clinic explains, 150-200cc is a good rule of thumb for how much volume is needed to go up one cup size, but some people will need as much as 340cc to do the same. 

The shape of the implant you choose also has an impact, because some implants are flatter than others. At best, a plastic surgeon will be able to give you a good estimate of what your new cup size will be, based on the implant size and shape you’ve chosen.

C cup celebrities:

c cup celebrities

Wondering who your celeb C cup twin is? Here are some famous faces who are rumored to have a C cup bra size:

Eva Mendez – 32C

Nicki Minaj – 34C

Jennifer Lopez – 34C 

Blake Lively – 34C

Gisele Bündchen – 34C

Madonna – 34C

Scarlet Johansson – 34C 

Kate Winslet – 34C

Drew Barrymore – 34C

Jessica Biel – 36C

Britney Spears – 36C 

Oprah Winfrey – 36C

Beyoncé – 36C

Sophia Loren – 38C

And hey, if a C cup is good enough for the three queens of pop – Beyoncé, Britney, and Madonna – it should be good enough for any of us!

Best push-up bras for C cups:

best push up bra for c cup

Not happy twinning with Queen B? But also not interested in getting implants? No worries, there’s a bra for that.

A push-up bra is the best bra style to boost your assets. Push-ups have padding at the base of the cup, which does two things – it adds volume so your breasts look bigger overall, and lifts them upwards (since your breast tissue sits on top of the padding) which makes them look more rounded. Some push-ups also have padding at the outer sides of the cup, to push your breast tissue in towards the center to create more cleavage.

So what’s the best C cup bra to achieve this effect? Here are some of the most popular push-ups that are available in this cup size:

Wonderbra Full Effect Push-Up

Wonderbra are the makers of ‘the original’ push-up bra, so they know their stuff. Their Full Effect bra is available in both smooth and lacy versions, and uses a combination of gel and air pads to create the illusion of two added cup sizes.

Gossard Superboost

After Gossard lost their license to sell the Wonderbra in the UK, they focused on relaunching their own competing product range, called Superboost. The ‘Lace Padded Plunge’ bras are a perpetual bestseller, available in a multitude of colors. They are designed with removable pads creating the push-up effect, and a plunge front revealing maximum cleavage.

Curvy Couture Tulip Lace Push-Up

For plus size wearers, this pretty push-up bra is a favorite. It comes in various colors (including nudes for light and dark skin tones), and up to a 46 band sizes. The natural push-up effect is achieved through graduated pads and a seamed cup construction that boosts lift.

Satami Lace Demi Moulded Bra

Satami is a Hong Kong-based brand that caters primarily to an Asian audience, where thick padding and extreme push-up effects are high in demand. Their Lace Demi comes in many colors and lace options, and creates a very rounded shape plus “outstanding cleavage”.

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