How To Lift Breasts Naturally To Lift Saggy Boobs

How To Fix Saggy Boobs in 2 Weeks With Exercise & Diet

Saggy breast meaning:

If you have breasts and you’re lucky to live long enough, at some point they’re going to sag. Hey, maybe they’ve even been droopy since your teens when they first grew – not everyone is blessed with a perky pair to begin with. Whenever it happens, breast sagging is simply a fact of life, but does that mean that you have to put up with it? In this article we discuss what causes sagging breasts, how to prevent and how to get firm breast in 2 weeks.

Sagging, like aging, is inevitable, and there’s nothing you can do that will prevent it entirely. But you can reduce how much or how soon your breasts start sagging. Plus, if they’ve already lost their volume, you do have some options to make them look fuller again – without resorting to a Mastopexy (breast lift surgery).

First, it helps to understand why breasts sag in the first place.

What causes sagging (hanging) breasts?

cooper's ligaments
Stretched-out Cooper’s ligaments are a primary cause of breast sagging


This is the big one of course! But why does getting older lead to drooping breasts? It’s all to do with estrogen. Although it’s a reproductive hormone, it also has the benefit of keeping your skin and connective tissues hydrated, which in turn keeps them supple and elastic.

When your estrogen levels begin to decline with age, the skin on your breasts (and everywhere else) loses its firmness. The Cooper’s ligaments supporting your breast tissue from the inside also lose some of their stretch.

Declining estrogen levels also signal to your body that you’re becoming less fertile, and your body responds by shrinking the firm, milk-producing mammary glands and replacing that lost volume with softer, less self-supporting fat tissue.


Although many people believe that breastfeeding leads to breast sagging, it’s actually pregnancy that’s the real cause. Regardless of whether you eventually choose to breastfeed or not, your bust will have increased in size over those 9 months in preparation of doing it.

This sudden, and often dramatic, increase in breast size and weight stretches out the breast ligaments – which won’t always spring back to their pre-pregnancy length. Meaning that once your breasts are no longer plumped up with milk, they can take on a more deflated and drooping appearance.

Breast size

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, how much do my boobs weigh? That depends on their size of course, but if you’re full-busted you could be lugging around the weight of a 2-liter bottle of coke on your chest!

And a lot of that burden is being put on those Cooper’s ligaments. Of course, huge, hanging boobs will strain them more than little, perky ones, and hence are more likely to start drooping at a younger age.

Significant weight loss

After dropping many dress sizes – especially if it happened over a short period of time – you can be left with excess skin on your body that won’t go away without surgery. Your breasts are no different. If you used to have a very large chest and then lost lots of weight, the skin on your breasts may remain stretched-out. But with less tissue inside now to fill them out, they will just hang down.

Lifestyle and diet habits

When it comes to lifestyle, there are so many potential causes for sagginess floating around in magazines and articles that it can be hard to tell what’s fact and what’s myth. For example, some people claim that sleeping braless or on your side causes breast tissue to stretch out, but the actual evidence for that is questionable.

However, what has been linked to breast sagging (in this extensive 2008 study) is smoking. It breaks down the collagen that helps keep the skin taut – that’s why it also causes wrinkles.

Does not wearing a bra lead to sagging boobs?

braless causing sag
Some say going braless causes your breasts to sag, but is this true?

Past studies have linked going braless to breast sagging – but then other studies have linked wearing a bra to the same thing. On the one hand, some experts say that letting your breasts go unsupported puts all the strain on your ligaments, stretching them out more than they otherwise would get.

On the other hand, there are those who say that the ligaments are supposed to be supporting your breasts, and that when a bra takes over their job the ligaments will atrophy and get weaker from lack of use.

Today, many lingerie experts simply believe that it has no effect either way, that is to say that donning a bra neither causes nor prevents sagging breast. The right bra however can definitely reduce the appearance of sagging, and we’ll get to that in just a moment.

How to prevent breast sagging

workouts for perky breasts
Building up your ‘pecs’ behind your breasts can make them a bit perkier

So if wearing a bra can’t keep your boobs perky, what can you do? As already explained, some sagging is inevitable – no one can avoid getting older, much as we’d like to! However, here are some ways to keep droopy breasts at bay for a little longer:

Quit smoking: cut out this habit to save your collagen and keep your skin firmer.

Eat well – the jury’s out on whether healthy eating habits has any effect on breast sagging, but there is at least some evidence that eating lots of antioxidant-rich foods (such as fruits and vegetables) and staying hydrated will keep your skin plump and elastic. So it might make a difference – and it’s a good habit to get into anyway!

Remember: that neither of the above ideas will actually reverse breast drooping, they will at best just slow it down or make it a bit less noticeable. So the earlier in life you start incorporating them into your lifestyle, the more likely you are to reap the rewards.

How to lift breasts naturally in 2 weeks

sagging breasts age
Vertical seams add lift to a bra, so they’re a great solution for sagging breasts!

Pectoral exercises – believe it or not, although your bust isn’t made of muscle, there is an exercise for sagging breasts! Your pectoral muscles sit behind your breasts, so bulking those up can make your breasts look both a tad bigger and a tad perkier. Here are 12 exercises that work out your chest muscles.

You should start to notice a difference after doing this daily for 2 weeks. However, for better and long-lasting results, make pectoral exercises an ongoing part of your workout routine. 

How to make your boobs perkier instantly:

Looking for an instant fix to saggy boobs? Luckily, there are a variety of lingerie tips and tricks that will provide you with the lift that you desire. Here’s how to lift breasts naturally via what you’re wearing:

A ‘lift and separate’ bra

The best bra for sagging breasts is, naturally, one that lifts them up. The vast majority of the support in a bra comes from the band (not the straps as many people believe) so look for a bra with a sturdy, relatively wide band. This is especially important if you’re full-busted and your breasts are heavy.

You also want the bra to separate your breasts, which means looking for one with distinct cups – so not a bandeau, for example. You may have been advised to choose an anti-sagging sports bra, but unless this has built-in cups, it’s only really smooching your breasts against your chest, not lifting them up.

When it comes to cup design, here are three key features to look out for: underwires, taller cups, and vertical seams. Underwires make the bra far more supportive and able to lift your bust upwards. Tall cups mean that your especially-soft breast tissue won’t spill out over the top (a common problem with sagging breasts, especially in plunge bras). And finally, vertical seams direct the breast tissue upwards.

The correct fit

Possibly even more important than the bra style however, is the bra fit. The best-designed, most supportive bra can leave your breasts still drooping if it’s the wrong size.

As mentioned, the band is responsible for most of the support. So it’s crucial that it is firm-fitting. Your bust naturally wants to hang down due to gravity, and a loose band lets it do just that. Instead, the band should be tight enough to stay in place and prevent your bust from dragging it down. You’ll know you’re in the right band size when it’s both comfortable and lies horizontally all the way around your ribcage.

If you’re unsure about what size you need, use our bra size calculator to find out now.

Sagging breasts are inescapable, but they needn’t make you feel embarrassed or get you down. Whether it’s through making a few lifestyle changes that may slow sagging down, or through finding a bra that makes you look and feel fabulous, everyone can and should feel great about their body at any age! 

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  1. None of this has helped me know how to disguise my “wind sock” boobs as a result of rapid 130+ lbs weight loss.

      1. My mother told me that I wasn’t wearing the CORRECT size bra. I’m 16 and my boobs are sagging because the bra I was wearing wasn’t tight enough (too big of a cup size) and the length of the strap that goes around my chest was too short, which made my bra too loose in the front, and the strap went way up my back when I wore it. I really hope this helps, sorry if it doesn’t. If your breasts have been sagging too long, I don’t really know how to fix it. Best of luck to you.

        1. Same.. I’m 16 too and wearing a bra too tight and losing a lot of weight gave me big saggy boobs 🙁

    1. plastic surgery comes with a lot of risks….now I may not be professional but doing uplift excercices should make a great impact.At least more of an impact that getting a bra.

  2. Hi ladies, just passing through. Lay flat on your back and massage your boobs with extra virgin olive oil. It forms the skin up and makes them nice and supple. Do it a couple of times a week and remember consistency is key. Good luck and be safe everyone❤

    1. My boobs have been saggy for years I dont have a child..just become saggy it’s so hard to take out a bra while making love ☹?

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