Our Story

What’s on the inside, matters just as much as what’s on the outside. BabeAppeal was born on the belief that no one is the same. Not one body, not one person, not one shape. You’re uniquely you. Some are more round, curvy, petite, straight, large, or tiny. Our products were designed with every single one of you in mind. 

Ever think to yourself “I wish my bra was versatile enough to fit ALL my needs and outfits”. Well, that thought did run across our minds after seeing just how many bras we had in our drawers and seeing the wasted dollars. Our team got together, and after many hours, we said, “What’s more versatile than TAPE?!” before you know it…the idea of adhesive lift support was BORN! 

Our breast lifting tape helps enhance and empower every body type. We don’t overcomplicate things, ever. Stop running to all those stores, and stop visiting all those sites to try and figure out what bras work best. We got an answer to your problem…Just go bra-less! Call us crazy but our Boob tape is proven to be much more versatile than EVERY bra on todays market. Let us guess, you have a different bra for every outfit in your closet? Why bother when your answer to all that clutter in your drawer is Boob tape. Backless shirt? tape it. One exposed shoulder? tape it. Strapless dress for a fancy night out on the town? you guessed it, TAPE it. Other brands will tell you that the solution is another $50-$140 bra, and we’re here to tell you that your solution is only 4 days worth of your Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato. Finally an answer to that every Friday night question “WHAT BRA DO I WEAR WITH THIS OUTFIT”. 

Just tape it! 🙂 

Our products are made with top of the line industry material, with comfort always kept in mind. With BabeAppeal, you never have to sacrifice, never have to settle, and most importantly you never have to stress. Let us do the heavy lifting (or taping), so you can get back to doing you 🙂

We continue to strive forward to keep on creating products that will always keep a smile on your face; cause when you’re happy, we’re happy. 

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